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FIRST SCHEDULE Insignificant building works


THIRD SCHEDULE Scope of professional practice

FOURTH SCHEDULE Minor building works not requiring certificate of accredited checker

FIFTH SCHEDULE Objectives and performance requirements for the design and construction of buildings

SIXTH SCHEDULE Prohibited construction materials

SEVENTH SCHEDULE Structural supporting system for air-conditioning unit


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On 14/12/2017, you requested the version in force on 14/12/2017 incorporating all amendments published on or before 14/12/2017. The closest version currently available is that of 10/09/2017.
Regulation 3A
Insignificant building works
1.  Building works carried out for or in connection with —
site formation works involving any excavation or filling not exceeding 1,500 millimetres in depth or height;
any shaft, manhole, trench or tunnel for the purpose of laying sewer, water or other utility pipes, where the pipe does not exceed 1,000 millimetres in internal diameter, and where the building works are not located within the site of other building works that are not specified in this Schedule;
[S 665/2013 wef 01/04/2014]
any boundary wall, boundary fence or gate;
any awning, windowhood or cantilevered roof constructed of tiles, and having a projection not exceeding 1,400 millimetres;
[S 665/2013 wef 01/04/2014]
any awning, windowhood or cantilevered roof constructed of lightweight material, or glass not exceeding a thickness of 13 millimetres, and having a horizontal projection not exceeding 3,000 millimetres;
[S 665/2013 wef 01/04/2014]
any single storey open‑sided shelter, gazebo and the like (whether erected on the ground or on a roof), not exceeding an area of 10 square metres;
[S 665/2013 wef 01/04/2014]
any trellis;
[S 665/2013 wef 01/04/2014]
any canal or drain not exceeding 1,500 millimetres in depth;
any box culvert with a span not exceeding 5,000 millimetres and a depth not exceeding 1,500 millimetres;
any stall or shed of lightweight material within any premises used for the purpose of holding a trade fair, fun fair or any exhibition;
any pipe rack or support not exceeding 2,000 millimetres in height;
any height restriction gantry;
any concrete or brick vault used for housing tanks located under the ground at a depth not exceeding 1,500 millimetres;
[S 665/2013 wef 01/04/2014]
any plinth, platform or other base not supported by piled foundation, erected for the purpose of supporting any mechanical plant, tank, equipment, machinery or other components (other than a building) not exceeding 2,500 millimetres in height;
[S 665/2013 wef 01/04/2014]
the enclosing of any sides of a balcony, yard or terrace with windows and glass panels in residential buildings;
[S 665/2013 wef 01/04/2014]
the creation of any opening in a non-load bearing wall or the sealing up of any wall opening;
the demolition, restoration or reinstatement of any non-load bearing wall;
any retaining wall or earth retaining structure that is constructed with structural steel or reinforced concrete and with a visible height of not more than 1,500 millimetres, or any other retaining wall or earth retaining structure with a visible height of not more than 1,000 millimetres;
[S 250/2008 wef 01/10/2008]
[S 643/2008 wef 01/10/2008]
any retaining wall or earth-retaining structure for supporting the face of an excavation made for the purpose of constructing any pile cap, footing, sump, lift pit or trench, provided that the size of the pile cap, footing, sump, lift pit or trench does not exceed 10 square metres in area and 2 metres in depth;
[S 643/2008 wef 01/10/2008]
[S 665/2013 wef 01/04/2014]
the replacement or reinstatement of any railing, balustrade or similar barrier constructed of any material other than non‑laminated glass, using the same material, design and fixing details;
[S 665/2013 wef 01/04/2014]
any single storey building used for agriculture or to house livestock, including a greenhouse or a building used to house fixed plant or machinery for the farm, provided that —
no part of the building is used as a dwelling or for the purposes of packing, exhibiting, or retailing; and
each point of the building is situated not less than 1.5 times its height away from any adjacent building or any route of public access; or
[S 665/2013 wef 01/04/2014]
any pre‑fabricated swimming or wading pool placed on the ground, provided that —
the maximum depth of water contained in the pool is not more than 1,000 millimetres; and
where the pool is located on higher ground, the distance between the pool and any retaining structure or slope is more than 3,000 millimetres and the difference in elevation of the ground levels is less than 1,500 millimetres.
[S 665/2013 wef 01/04/2014]
2.  Replacement or changing of windows and doors.
3.  Replacement of existing floor and wall finishes.
4.  Replacement or changing of any false ceiling with lightweight material.
5.  One to one replacement of timber roof or other roof covering not involving any replacement of roof trusses.
6.  Erection or alteration of —
any partition or partition wall in any bungalow, semi-detached, terrace or linked house; or
any partition or partition wall constructed of lightweight material in any other building.
7.  Construction of any raised floor or the topping up of balconies, and the like, with lightweight materials.
8.  Erection at the ground level of any single storey detached booth, covered walkway, kiosk, guardhouse, bin centre, and the like, not exceeding an area of 10 square metres.
[S 665/2013 wef 01/04/2014]
9.  Installation of any roller shutter or grilled door.
10.  Erection of any single storey lean‑to extension with roof covering of tiles, or of any lighter material, in any bungalow, semi‑detached, terrace or linked house.
[S 665/2013 wef 01/04/2014]
11.  Erection of any single storey shed or hut not exceeding an area of 10 square metres for housing fuel tanks, mechanical or electrical equipment.
12.  All air-conditioning works.
12A.  Construction of temporary decking over any trench, where the width of the trench does not exceed 3,000 millimetres.
[S 665/2013 wef 01/04/2014]
13.  In this Schedule —
“agriculture” includes horticulture, fruit growing, the growing of plants for seed and aquaculture;
[S 665/2013 wef 01/04/2014]
“lightweight material” means —
any sheet or board material such as timber board, plywood, fibreboard, plasterboard, aluminium sheet, corrugated metal sheet or polycarbonate sheet;
any concrete product made with lightweight aggregates such as pumice, perlite or vermiculite; or
any hollow concrete block, hollow glass block, autoclaved aerated concrete block and the like;
“non‑laminated glass” means glass other than laminated glass;
[S 665/2013 wef 01/04/2014]
“non-load bearing wall” means a wall which supports no load other than its own weight;
“partition” means a temporary or an easily removable vertical panel of lightweight construction for the subdivision of spaces within a building.
[S 54/2008 wef 15/02/2008]