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On 15/12/2017, you requested the version in force on 01/08/1998 incorporating all amendments published on or before 14/09/2017.
Order for payment of compensation
—(1)  The court before which a person is convicted of any offence under this Act may make an order against him for the payment by him of a sum to be fixed by the court by way of compensation to any person for any damage caused to his computer, program or data by the offence for which the sentence is passed.
(2)  Any claim by a person for damages sustained by reason of the offence shall be deemed to have been satisfied to the extent of any amount which has been paid to him under an order for compensation, but the order shall not prejudice any right to a civil remedy for the recovery of damages beyond the amount of compensation paid under the order.
(3)  An order of compensation under this section shall be recoverable as a civil debt.
History for Provision '10 Order for payment of compensation'.
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Formal Consolidation
27 August 1993
19 of 1993

Formal Consolidation
15 March 1994
1994 RevEd

Formal Consolidation
15 December 1998
1998 RevEd