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Part I Preliminary

Part II The Republic and the Constitution

Part III Protection of the Sovereignty of the Republic of Singapore

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Chapter 3 — Capacity as regards property, contracts and suits

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Part VII The Presidential Council for Minority Rights

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Part XII Special Powers against Subversion and Emergency Powers

Part XIII General Provisions

Part XIV Transitional Provisions


SECOND SCHEDULE Oath of Renunciation, Allegiance and Loyalty


FOURTH SCHEDULE Appointment of Nominated Members of Parliament

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Power to authorise expenditure on account, etc., or for unspecified purposes
—(1)  Subject to clause (3), Parliament may, by resolution approving estimates containing a vote on account, authorise expenditure for part of any year before the passing of the Supply law for that year, but the aggregate sums so voted shall be included under the appropriate heads, in the Supply law for that year.
(2)  Subject to clause (3), Parliament may, by resolution approving a vote of credit, authorise expenditure for the whole or part of the year, otherwise than in accordance with Articles 147 and 148, if, owing to the magnitude or indefinite character of any service or to circumstances of unusual urgency, it appears to Parliament desirable to do so.
(3)  No resolution of Parliament made under clause (1) or (2) shall have effect unless the President, acting in his discretion, concurs therewith.
(4)  If no Supply Bill has become law by the first day of the financial year to which it relates (whether by reason of the President withholding his assent thereto or otherwise), the Minister responsible for finance may, with the prior approval of the Cabinet, authorise such expenditure (not otherwise authorised by law) from the Consolidated Fund, Development Fund or other Government fund as he may consider essential for the continuance of the public services or any purpose of development shown in the estimates until there is a supply law for that financial year:
Provided that the expenditure so authorised for any service or purpose shall not exceed one-quarter of the amount voted for that service or purpose in the Supply law for the preceding financial year.
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