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Chapter I — Prohibition of organisations and associations of a political or quasi-military character and uniforms, etc.

Chapter II — Powers of preventive detention

Chapter III — Special powers relating to subversive publications, etc.

Chapter IV — Control of entertainments and exhibitions

Chapter V — Other powers for the prevention of subversion

Chapter VI — Miscellaneous


Chapter I — Proclamation of security areas

Chapter II — Powers relating to preservation of public security

Chapter III — Offences relating to security areas

Chapter IV — Powers of police and others

Chapter V — General

Chapter VI — Power to make regulations


FIRST SCHEDULE Laws against which suspected offenders may be forcibly arrested

SECOND SCHEDULE Specified laws

THIRD SCHEDULE Essential services

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Power to take possession of land or buildings
—(1)  The Minister may if it appears to him to be necessary or expedient to do so in the interests of public security, or for the accommodation of any security forces, take possession of any land or of any building or part of a building in any security area and may give such directions as appear to him necessary or expedient in connection with the taking of possession of that land or building.
(2)  Any police officer may take such steps and use such force as appears to him to be reasonably necessary for securing compliance with directions given to any person under subsection (1).
(3)  While any land or building is in the possession of the Minister by virtue of this section, the land or building may, notwithstanding any restriction imposed on the use thereof (whether by any written law or other instrument or otherwise), be used by, or under the authority of, the Minister for such purpose, and in such manner, as the Minister thinks expedient in the interests of public security or for the accommodation of any security forces; and the Minister, so far as appears to him to be necessary or expedient in connection with the taking of possession or use of the land or building in pursuance of this subsection —
may do, or authorise persons using the land or building as aforesaid to do, in relation to the land or building, anything any person having an interest in the land or building would be entitled to do by virtue of that interest; and
may by order provide for prohibiting or restricting the exercise of rights of way over the land or building, and of other rights relating thereto which are enjoyed by any person, whether by virtue of an interest in land or otherwise.
(4)  The owner or occupier of any land or building shall, if requested by or on behalf of the Minister to do so, furnish to such authority or person as may be specified in the request such information in his possession relating to the land or building (being information which may reasonably be demanded of him in connection with the execution of this section) as may be so specified.
(5)  For the purposes of this section, there shall be one or more advisory committees consisting of persons appointed by the Minister; and any such committee may make rules for the conduct of its proceedings.
(6)  Any person aggrieved by reason of the taking possession of any land or building under this section may within 14 days after such possession has been taken give notice of his objection thereto to an advisory committee appointed under subsection (5).
(7)  The chairman of an advisory committee to which such notice has been given by an aggrieved person shall inform any person on whose behalf possession of such land or building has been taken, and the advisory committee shall thereupon consider the objection made by the aggrieved person and any grounds which may be put forward against such objections by the person on whose behalf such possession has been taken, and shall forward its recommendations to the Minister.
(8)  The Minister after considering the recommendations of the advisory committee shall give such directions thereon as he may think fit.
History for Provision '54 Power to take possession of land or buildings'.
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Formal Consolidation
30 March 1987
1985 RevEd
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Informal Consolidation
25 June 2010
Act 15 of 2010