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Prohibition and approval of films for exhibition
—(1)  After the submission of a film for the purpose of censorship, the Board may —
approve the film for exhibition without alteration or excision;
prohibit the exhibition of the film; or
approve the film for exhibition with such alterations or excisions as it may require.
(2)  The Board shall, in any case to which subsection (1)(b) or (c) applies, furnish to the owner in writing its reasons for the prohibition or for requiring the alterations or excisions.
(3)  Where any film is approved for exhibition, the Chairman shall, when the required alterations or excisions, if any, have been made, issue such certificate as the Minister may direct approving the exhibition of the film.
History for Provision '15 Prohibition and approval of films for exhibition'.
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Formal Consolidation
30 March 1987
1985 RevEd

Formal Consolidation
15 December 1998
1998 RevEd
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Informal Consolidation
26 May 2009
Act 13 of 2009