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On 27/05/2016, you requested the version in force on 27/05/2016 incorporating all amendments published on or before 27/05/2016. The closest version currently available is that of 11/02/2010.
Change of residence
—(1)  Any person registered under the provisions of this Act who changes his place of residence shall, within 28 days thereof, report the change to a registration officer.
(2)  Where a person registered under the provisions of this Act has changed or changes his place of residence to a place outside Singapore, he may inform a registration officer of his contact address in Singapore, which shall be —
the address of any premises in Singapore which he still owns an estate or interest in and which is used or permitted under written law to be used as residence; or
the address of the place of residence in Singapore of —
his or her spouse, grandparent, parent, sibling, child or grandchild;
any grandparent, parent or sibling of his or her spouse; or
any sibling of any of his or her parents or his or her spouse’s parents or any child of any of his or her siblings or spouse’s siblings.
[19/2001 wef 15/05/2001]
History for Provision '8 Change of residence'.
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Formal Consolidation
09 March 1992
1992 RevEd
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Informal Consolidation
15 May 2001
Act 19 of 2001

Informal Consolidation
12 February 2010
Act 5 of 2010