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On 29/05/2015, you requested the version in force on 29/05/2015 incorporating all amendments published on or before 29/05/2015. The closest version currently available is that of 13/08/2013.
Concessionary rate of tax for income of approved takaful insurer
—(1)  Notwithstanding regulation 4 and subject to regulation 5A, tax shall be payable at the rate of 5% on the following income derived by an approved takaful insurer:
the amount referred to in section 26(7)(a)(i) of the Act in respect of offshore life takaful (but excluding the investment income and gains or profits derived from the sale of investments and other income, whether derived from Singapore or elsewhere, of any life insurance fund established under the Insurance Act relating to offshore life takaful contracts); and
the dividends and qualifying return in lieu of interest derived from outside Singapore, the gains or profits realised from the sale of offshore investments, and qualifying return in lieu of interest from ACU deposits derived from —
subject to paragraph (2), the investment of its insurance fund established and maintained under the Insurance Act (Cap. 142) for the offshore life takaful business; and
the investment of its shareholders’ funds established in Singapore which are used to support the offshore life takaful business as ascertained under regulation 5C.
(2)  Where the Comptroller is satisfied that any part of the insurance fund referred to in sub-paragraph (b)(i) of paragraph (1) is not required to support the offshore life takaful business of an approved takaful insurer, he may adopt such reduced amount of the dividends, qualifying return in lieu of interest and gains or profits under that sub-paragraph as appears to him to be reasonable in the circumstances.