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Suspension and revocation of licences
—(1)  The Director may suspend or revoke a licence if —
the issue of the licence has been obtained by fraud or misrepresentation;
the person to whom the licence has been issued is contravening or has contravened or failed to comply with —
any of the provisions of this Act or any regulations made thereunder;
any term or condition of his licence; or
any direction given to him by the Director or an authorised officer under this Act or any regulations made thereunder;
he is no longer satisfied as to any of the matters specified in section 6(3);
the private hospital, medical clinic, clinical laboratory or healthcare establishment in respect of which the licence was issued has ceased to operate as such; or
it is in the public interest to do so.
(2)  Before suspending or revoking the licence under subsection (1), the Director shall —
give to the holder of the licence notice in writing of his intention to do so; and
in such notice, call upon the holder of the licence to show cause within such time as may be specified in the notice as to why his licence should not be suspended or revoked.
(3)  If the holder of the licence —
fails to show cause within the period of time given to him or such extended period of time as the Director may allow; or
fails to show sufficient cause,
as to why his licence should not be suspended or revoked, the Director shall give notice in writing to the holder of the licence of the date from which the suspension or revocation of his licence is to take effect.
History for Provision '9 Suspension and revocation of licences'.
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Formal Consolidation
30 December 1999
1999 RevEd
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Informal Consolidation
25 June 2010
Act 14 of 2010