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Notice given by Council to book-keepers
14A.  Every notice to be given by the Council to a book-keeper under these Rules —
(a)  shall be in writing under the hand of the Director or a member of the Council designated by the Council for this purpose; and
(b)  if the book-keeper is an accountant, an accounting firm, an accounting corporation or an accounting LLP, may be served on the book-keeper by sending the notice by registered post to the address of the book-keeper provided to the Council in relation to an application under rule 11A or appearing in the Register of Public Accountants, Register of Accounting Firms or Register of Accounting Corporations (as the case may be) kept and maintained under the Accountants Act 2004 (Act 4 of 2004).
[S 660/2006 wef 01/01/2007]
History for Provision '14A Notice given by Council to book-keepers'.
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Formal Consolidation
09 March 2004
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Informal Consolidation
08 December 2006
S 660/2006