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On 30/08/2014, you requested the version in force on 30/08/2014 incorporating all amendments published on or before 30/08/2014. The closest version currently available is that of 26/05/2009.
Search for unauthorised films and arrest of persons
—(1)  Whenever a Deputy or an Assistant Commissioner of Police or an Assistant Superintendent of Police is satisfied upon written information and after any further inquiry which he may think necessary that any film —
which has not been —
deposited in an approved warehouse as required by section 12 or 13;
returned to the Board as required by section 14(4); or
approved for exhibition under section 15 or 26(4);
in respect of which the certificate issued therefor has ceased to be valid under section 20; or
which has been altered in any way after a certificate in respect of the film was issued,
has been or is being exhibited or kept in any place, he may issue a warrant directed to any police officer to enter and search that place and seize the film and to take into custody any person reasonably believed to be guilty of an offence by reason of failure to deposit or to return the film or by reason of such possession or exhibition.
(2)  A Deputy or an Assistant Commissioner of Police or an Assistant Superintendent of Police may without warrant, with such assistance and by such force as is necessary, by night or by day, himself do what he may authorise any police officer to do under subsection (1) in either of the following cases:
if he has personal knowledge of such facts as satisfy him that there are sufficient grounds for a search;
if he receives information orally in such circumstances that the object of a search would in his opinion be defeated by the delay necessary for reducing the information to writing except that the name and address of the person giving the information is known to or ascertained by him before he acts upon the information.