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On 14/12/2017, you requested the version in force on 31/07/2009 incorporating all amendments published on or before 31/07/2009.
—(1)  The Minister may make regulations generally for carrying out the provisions of this Act.
(2)  Regulations made under subsection (1) may —
prescribe that any act or omission in contravention of the provisions of any regulation shall be an offence and shall be punishable with a fine not exceeding $5,000 or with imprisonment for a term not exceeding 12 months or with both;
prescribe such fees or charges as may be necessary for the purposes of this Act;
prescribe the categories of work passes, the period for which any work pass may be issued, renewed or reinstated, the criteria for the issuance, renewal or reinstatement of any work pass and any condition subject to which a work pass may be issued, renewed or reinstated;
provide for the taking and recording of any personal identifier of any person —
who applies for or has been issued with a work pass; or
who is suspected of committing an offence under this Act;
provide for the use of any mechanical, electrical or other form of device or system for the taking or recording of all or any of the personal identifiers;
provide for the collation of any personal identifier taken or recorded pursuant to regulations made under paragraph (d) and the dissemination thereof to the police and to any other law enforcement agency authorised by the Controller to receive it;
provide for any matter relating to the release of any arrested person on any bail or bond under section 21(4);
provide for any matter relating to the security to be given by or in respect of any foreigner issued with a work pass, including any condition subject to which the security may be forfeited.
[39/98; 30/2007]
(3)  All such regulations shall be presented to Parliament as soon as possible after publication in the Gazette.
History for Provision '29 Regulations'.
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Formal Consolidation
20 December 1997
1997 RevEd
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Informal Consolidation
15 February 1999
Act 39 of 1998

Informal Consolidation
11 June 2007
Act 30 of 2007

Formal Consolidation
31 July 2009
2009 RevEd
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Informal Consolidation
09 November 2012
Act 24 of 2012