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On 14/12/2017, you requested the version in force on 02/06/2016 incorporating all amendments published on or before 02/06/2016. The closest version currently available is that of 01/10/1997.
Whereas it has been considered expedient to repeal “The St. Joseph’s and St. Xavier’s Incorporation Ordinance, 1902”, in order that the whole of the property of the two Institutions may be vested in and held by one person called the Brother Visitor having authority to visit and inspect the Christian Brothers’ Schools in the Straits Settlements in place of two in different localities as thereby provided:
And Whereas the present holder of the office of “Visitor in the Straits Settlements of the Christian Brothers’ Schools” is the Reverend James Joseph Byrne, generally known as Brother James, who was appointed by an instrument under the hand and seal of the Superior General of the Society of Christian Brothers known in French as the Institut des Frères des Ecoles Chrètiennes and it is expedient for the better carrying on of the financial business of the said Institution that the said James Joseph Byrne as such Visitor as aforesaid and his successors in that office should be incorporated: