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Chapter I — Prohibition of organisations and associations of a political or quasi-military character and uniforms, etc.

Chapter II — Powers of preventive detention

Chapter III — Special powers relating to subversive publications, etc.

Chapter IV — Control of entertainments and exhibitions

Chapter V — Other powers for the prevention of subversion

Chapter VI — Miscellaneous


Chapter I — Proclamation of security areas

Chapter II — Powers relating to preservation of public security

Chapter III — Offences relating to security areas

Chapter IV — Powers of police and others

Chapter V — General

Chapter VI — Power to make regulations


FIRST SCHEDULE Laws against which suspected offenders may be forcibly arrested

SECOND SCHEDULE Specified laws

THIRD SCHEDULE Essential services

Legislative History

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On 13/12/2017, you requested the version in force on 13/12/2017 incorporating all amendments published on or before 13/12/2017. The closest version currently available is that of 02/01/2011.
Chapter VI —
Power to make regulations
Power to make regulations
—(1)  When a proclamation has been made under section 48 it shall be lawful for the President to make in respect of any security area any regulations whatsoever which he considers desirable for the public security.
(2)  Without prejudice to the generality or scope of the powers conferred by subsection (1), regulations may be made under subsection (1) in respect of any matters coming within the classes of subjects hereinafter specified:
the assessment and payment of remuneration, compensation and allowances in respect of all matters done under this Act or any regulations made thereunder or in respect of injuries occasioned by or resulting from any proclamation under section 48;
the restriction of the movement of persons in any security area;
processions and meetings in any security area;
the supply and distribution of food, water, fuel, light and other necessities in any security area;
the declaration of fences or barriers surrounding any area in a security area as perimeter fences, and the regulation of traffic and supplies from within and outside any such areas;
the eviction of persons unlawfully in occupation of land within any security area;
the seizure, occupation and forfeiture of land, buildings and other structures and movable property within any security area belonging to or used by persons who intend or are about to act or have acted in a manner prejudicial to the public security of Singapore, or belonging to or used by persons who are harbouring or have harboured or who by their employees or agents are harbouring or have harboured any such persons;
the appropriation, control, forfeiture, disposition and use of property in any security area;
the requisition of space or accommodation in any vessel, aircraft, train or vehicle within any security area;
the destruction of buildings and other structures within any security area;
the clearance of lands within any security area, the recovery of the costs of and the payment of compensation in respect of such clearance;
the payment of gratuities to workmen injured or to the dependants or workmen killed by acts of terrorism in any security area;
the restriction and prohibition in any security area of foodstuffs and other supplies;
the registration of persons or any class of persons and the control of occupations and industries within any security area;
the control of the movement of rubber and the protection of rubber plants in any security area;
modification, amendment, supersession or suspension of the provisions of any written law for the time being in force in any security area;
entry into and search of premises or other places and the arrest, search and interrogation of persons within any security area;
the formation of tribunals and other bodies for the purpose of deciding any matters specified in such regulations, but having no powers to inflict fines or imprisonment;
the prescription of fees and other payments;
any other matter in respect of which it is in the opinion of the President desirable in the interests of public security that regulations should be made.
(3)  Any regulations made under this section may provide for the infliction in the event of a contravention thereof of a fine not exceeding $2,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 3 years or to both.
(4)  Any regulations made under this section shall —
unless the President otherwise directs, come into force on the day on which they are made, and shall then continue in force so long as the proclamation under section 48 is in force, unless sooner revoked;
have effect only within the security area or areas to which the proclamation applies.
(5)  All subsidiary legislation made under this Act in force in any security area immediately before the revocation or annulment of any proclamation made under section 48 shall cease to have effect in such area upon such revocation or annulment, but without prejudice to the taking or continuance of any proceedings in respect of anything previously done or omitted to be done, or to the payment of any compensation or allowance thereunder.