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On 23/04/2014, you requested the version in force on 23/04/2014 incorporating all amendments published on or before 23/04/2014. The closest version currently available is that of 01/09/2007.
Extraordinary General Meetings
—(1)  Upon receipt of a requisition by at least five members of the Committee of Management or by at least ten members of the Corporation the Committee of Management shall proceed to convene an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Corporation.
(2)  The requisition shall state the objects of the meeting and shall be signed by the requisitionists and deposited at the office of the Corporation. The requisition may consist of more documents than one provided the same are duly signed and specify the same or similar objects.
(3)  The Committee of Management shall within ten days from the receipt of the requisition aforesaid cause an acknowledgment thereof to be sent to the requisitionists and shall within twenty days from the receipt of such requisition cause an Extraordinary General Meeting to be held to discuss the objects specified in the requisition.
(4)  If the Committee of Management do not within the time aforesaid cause an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Corporation to be held in manner aforesaid the requisitionists or a majority of them may themselves convene the meeting, and any meeting convened by requisitionists shall be convened in the same manner as nearly as possible as that in which such meetings ought to be convened by the Committee of Management.