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On 02/10/2014, you requested the version in force on 02/10/2014 incorporating all amendments published on or before 02/10/2014. The closest version currently available is that of 11/02/2010.
Arrest and search
—(1)  Where any person —
is reasonably suspected by a registration officer or police officer of the commission of any offence under this Act or any regulations made thereunder; or
on demand by a registration officer or a police officer —
does not give his name and address;
gives a name or address which the officer has reason to believe is false; or
gives as his address a place outside Singapore,
that person may be arrested without warrant by the registration officer or police officer.
(2)  Any police officer may without warrant and with or without assistance —
enter and search any premises;
stop and search any vessel, vehicle, train or individual, whether in a public place or not,
if he suspects that any evidence of the commission of an offence under this Act or any regulations made thereunder is likely to be found on the premises or individual or in the vessel, vehicle or train and may seize any evidence so found.
(3)  No woman shall be searched under this section except by a woman.