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On 21/11/2017, you requested the version in force on 21/11/2017 incorporating all amendments published on or before 21/11/2017. The closest version currently available is that of 10/06/2016.
Administration of Act and appointment of officers, etc.
—(1)  The Director shall, subject to the general or special directions of the Minister, be responsible for the administration of this Act.
(2)  The Director may, in writing, appoint any public officer to perform all duties imposed and exercise all powers conferred on the Director by this Act or any regulations made thereunder, subject to such conditions and limitations as the Director may specify.
(3)  The Director may, in writing, authorise any other person to assist in the administration of this Act.
(4)  The Director and every authorised officer shall be deemed to be public servants within the meaning of the Penal Code (Cap. 224).
(5)  The Minister may establish one or more advisory committees consisting of such persons as he may appoint for the purpose of advising on such matters arising out of the administration of this Act as are referred to them by the Minister or the Director.
History for Provision '3 Administration of Act and appointment of officers, etc.'.
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Formal Consolidation
31 May 1999
19 of 1999
Formal Consolidation
30 December 1999
1999 RevEd
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Informal Consolidation
30 October 2008
Act 21 of 2008

Informal Consolidation
25 June 2010
Act 14 of 2010