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On 20/04/2014, you requested the version in force on 20/04/2014 incorporating all amendments published on or before 20/04/2014. The closest version currently available is that of 01/09/2007.
First Committee of Management
8.  The first members of the Committee of Management shall be the following, viz: —
Lim Nee Soon of Chop Thong Mui of Nos. 112/114, Robinson Road, Singapore;
Lee Wee Nam of Chop Chye Hua Seng of No. 17, New Bridge Road, Singapore;
Goh Yang Pheng of Chop Siang Hua of No. 58, Boat Quay, Singapore;
Yeo Choo Tian of Chop Long Huat of No. 35, Circular Road, Singapore;
Chew Swee Lin of Chop Nam Heng Hak Kee of Nos. 4/5, Fish Street, Singapore;
Tan Lip Sek of Chop Tan Guan Lee of No. 79, Boat Quay, Singapore;
Quek Theng Thong of Chop Teo Siang Guan Kee of No. 65, Circular Road, Singapore;
Lim Woo Ngam of Chop Seng Moh of No. 754, North Bridge Road, Singapore;
Nah Wee Liat of Chop Wee Heng of No. 81, Boat Quay, Singapore;
Tan Guan Chua of Chop Chua Seng Heng of No. 20-14, Armenian Street, Singapore;
Low Chia Heng of Chop Low Hong Thye of No. 30, Circular Road, Singapore;
Low Peng Soy of Chop Yong Hong of No. 57, Boat Quay, Singapore;
Kwek Liang Choon of Chop Quek Khye Seng of No. 30, Boat Quay, Singapore;
Liau Chia Heng of Chop Buan Mui Seng of No. 5, Cumming Street, Singapore;
Yeo Chan Boon of Chop Yong Guan Seng of No. 60, Circular Road, Singapore;
Tan Chew Char of Chop Sin Heng of No. 1167, Serangoon Road, Singapore;
Goh Teck Chng of Chop Yong Buan Long of No. 51, Circular Road, Singapore;
Tan Miang Long of Chop Liang Seng of No. 326, Thomson Road, Singapore;
Sim Ka Siew of Chop Kheng Soon Seng of No. 57, Boat Quay, Singapore;
Quek Soo Kow of Chop Kow Hak of No. 12, North Canal Road, Singapore;
Lim Soo Siam of Chop Yong Swee Seng of No. 66, Canal Road, Singapore;
Low Peng Soo of Chop Low Joon Hong of No. 31, Boat Quay, Singapore;
Lee Kim Soo of Chop Kwang Moh of No. 89, High Street, Singapore;
Lim Chong Pang of Chop Thong Yak of Nos. 112/114, Robinson Road, Singapore;
Seah Eng Tong of Chop Chin Heng of No. 4, North Bridge Road, Singapore,
and the first members of the Committee of Management shall be entitled to hold office until the 25th day of January 1933, or until the second Annual General Meeting of the Corporation whichever shall be the later date.