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On 19/12/2014, you requested the version in force on 19/12/2014 incorporating all amendments published on or before 19/12/2014. The closest version currently available is that of 28/10/2008.
Conditions to be complied with by authorised examiner
—(1)  Every authorised examiner shall comply with such conditions, if any, as may be specified in the authorisation and also with the following conditions:
the examiner shall carry out in accordance with these Rules examinations of motor vehicles in any such class as is specified in the authorisation of the examiner and shall in all other respects comply with such of the provisions of these Rules as applicable to the examiner;
the examiner shall arrange for examinations to be carried out or to be personally supervised, and for test certificates to be signed, by persons who are competent to act for such purpose and who, if they are not the examiner or, where the examiner is a firm, a partner in that firm, are in the employment of the examiner; and in the event of the Registrar giving notice to the examiner that in the opinion of the Registrar any such person should not carry out or supervise examinations or sign test certificates, the examiner shall arrange that the person shall no longer carry out or supervise examinations or sign test certificates, as the case may be;
the examiner shall notify the Registrar of the name of every person who is authorised by the examiner to carry out or supervise examinations or to sign test certificates, not later than 7 days after any such authorisation;
the examiner shall put up and keep exhibited in some conspicuous place in his vehicle testing station so as to be legible to persons submitting vehicles for examination at the station —
the authorisation in which that vehicle testing station is specified; and
a list of the names of the persons for the time being authorised to carry out or personally supervise examinations at that station and to sign test certificates;
the examiner shall put up and keep exhibited in a conspicuous place outside the vehicle testing station a sign of the size, colour and type shown in the diagram set out in Part I of the Second Schedule and complying with the conditions specified in Part II of that Schedule;
the examiner shall, after being notified by the Registrar, make his vehicle testing station and the apparatus at that station with which examinations are carried out available for the purpose of an examination to be carried out by the Registrar as a result of an appeal which has been made against the refusal of a test certificate (whether by that or any other authorised examiner);
the fee charged by the examiner for the carrying out of the examination shall not exceed the maximum fee as may, from time to time, be set by the Registrar unless the Registrar has determined that there shall not, for any period of time, be any maximum fee charged by the examiner;
where an appeal is made to the Registrar against the refusal of an examiner to issue a test certificate, the examiner shall refund the whole or part of any fee paid for the carrying out of an examination as may be directed by the Registrar if the Registrar is satisfied that the examiner had acted unreasonably in refusing to issue a test certificate; and
the examiner shall as soon as practicable give notice to the Registrar —
in a case where the examiner is the sole individual named in an authorisation, of his entering into any partnership with a view to carrying on a business which shall comprise the carrying out of examinations at that station; and
in a case where the examiner is a firm, of any change in the constitution of that firm.
(2)  A person shall not be authorised, under any arrangement made under paragraph (1)(b), to carry out or personally supervise any examinations or to sign test certificates unless he has undergone a course of instruction approved by the Registrar and is regarded by the Registrar to be competent to act for such purpose.