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Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics Act
     (CHAPTER 248)    View PDF

Table of Contents

Long Title

1 Short title
2 Interpretation
3 Administration of Act and appointment of officers, etc.
4 (Repealed)
5 Licences for private hospitals, medical clinics, clinical laboratories and healthcare establishments
6 Application for issue and renewal of licences
7 Kinds of licensed private hospitals
8 Register
9 Suspension and revocation of licences
10 Appeal
11 Quality assurance committees
12 Powers of entry, inspection, search, seizure, etc.
13 Confidentiality of information
14 Directions as to apparatus, appliance, equipment, etc.
15 Offences by bodies corporate
16 Restriction on disclosure of information
17 Obstructing Director or authorised officers in execution of their duties
18 Protection from liability
19 Jurisdiction of Courts
20 Composition of offences
21 Exemption
22 Regulations

Legislative History

Comparative Table

History for Provision '6 Application for issue and renewal of licences'.
Left Arrow
Right Arrow
Formal Consolidation
30 December 1999
1999 RevEd

Informal Consolidation
13 August 2001
Act 26 of 2001

Informal Consolidation
25 June 2010
Act 14 of 2010