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Destitute Persons Act
     (CHAPTER 78)

Table of Contents

Long Title

1 Short title
2 Interpretation
3 Power to require a destitute person to reside in a welfare home
4 Penalty for begging
5 Voluntary admission into a welfare home
6 Taking of finger impressions and photographs
7 Minister may establish welfare homes
8 Board of Visitors
9 Rules for management of welfare homes
10 Review Committee
11 Discharge from welfare homes
12 Discharge to the care of a relative or other person
13 Persons in a welfare home may be required to work
14 Persons in a welfare home may be sent to hospital
15 Director may transfer persons in welfare homes
16 Penalty for escape from lawful custody of welfare home
17 Penalty for behaving in a disorderly manner
18 Arrest of escaped destitute person
19 Return to welfare home after serving sentence
20 Discharge

Legislative History