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Mediation Act 2017
     (No. 1 of 2017)    View PDF

Table of Contents

Long Title

Enacting Formula

1 Short title and commencement
2 General interpretation
3 Meaning of "mediation"
4 Meaning and form of "mediation agreement"
5 Act binds Government
6 Application of Act
7 Designation of mediation service provider and approved certification scheme
8 Stay of court proceedings
9 Restrictions on disclosure
10 Admissibility of mediation communication in evidence
11 Leave of court or arbitral tribunal for disclosure or admission in evidence
12 Recording of mediated settlement agreement as order of court
13 Rules of Court
14 Family Justice Rules
15 Rules
16 Consequential amendment to Family Justice Act 2014
17 Related amendment to Legal Profession Act
18 Consequential and related amendments to Supreme Court of Judicature Act
19 Transitional provisions