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Delegation of powers to Pension Authorities
—(1)  Subject to subsection (2), the President may depute any Pension Authority to exercise or perform on his behalf any power or function conferred on the President by this Act subject to such conditions as may be specified by the President.
(2)  Nothing in subsection (1) shall authorise the President to depute any Pension Authority to exercise on his behalf any of the following powers:
to make regulations under this Act;
to declare any office or class of office to be pensionable or non-pensionable, as the case may be, under section 2;
to determine any service to be public service for the purpose of any provision of this Act;
to vary the commutation factor or discount rate under section 20;
to designate schemes of service under section 3(4)(a).
(3)  Where by virtue of subsection (1) any power or function of the President under this Act may be exercised or performed on his behalf by a Pension Authority, then, unless the President otherwise directs, the Pension Authority may arrange for the exercise or performance of that power or function by any other public officer.
(4)  Any arrangement made by a Pension Authority under subsection (3) for the exercise or performance of any power or function by a public officer shall not prevent the Pension Authority by whom the arrangement was made from exercising or performing that power or function.
(5)  The President may also exercise any power or perform any function conferred on him by this Act notwithstanding the delegation by him of that power or function under subsection (1).
History for Provision '5 Delegation of powers to Pension Authorities'.
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12 September 1997
225 of 1985

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12 September 1997
S 451/1998
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01 January 2004
2004 RevEd

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05 February 2010
Act 4 of 2010