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Pensions Act
     (CHAPTER 225)    View PDF

Table of Contents

Long Title

1 Short title
2 Interpretation
3 Application of this Act
4 Pension Authorities
5 Delegation of powers to Pension Authorities
6 President may make pensions regulations
7 Pensions, etc., to be charged on Pension Fund
8 Pensions, etc., not of right
9 Service not counting for pension, etc.
10 Payment into Pension Fund
11 Cases in which pensions, etc., may be granted
12 Retirement in public interest
13 Compulsory retirement
14 Maximum pension from all public service
15 Pensions, etc., not to be assignable
16 Liability of pensioners to be called upon to take further employment
17 Pensions, etc., to cease on bankruptcy
18 Pensions, etc., to cease on conviction
19 Pensions, etc., may cease on accepting employment in certain companies, or in engaging in certain occupations for gain
20 Gratuity where officer dies in service
21 Repeal and saving

FIRST SCHEDULE Pensions Regulations


THIRD SCHEDULE Ordinances Repealed

Legislative History

Comparative Table