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National Registration Act
     (CHAPTER 201)    View PDF

Table of Contents

Long Title

1 Short title
2 Interpretation
3 Appointment of officers
4 Establishment of register
5 Registration
6 Re-registration of persons in possession of identity cards
7 Issue of identity cards
8 Change of residence
8A Transmission of information of change of a person’s place of residence to Government departments, statutory authorities and public officers
9 Returns by householders
10 Cancellation of registration
11 Onus of proof of contents of written applications and of identity cards, etc.
12 Proof of citizenship by birth
13 Offences and penalties
13A Provision of information by Housing and Development Board
14 Registration of persons arrested or convicted
15 Attempt to commit offences and assisting offenders
16 Arrest and search
17 Report of certain persons admissible as evidence
18 Obligation to be in possession of travel document
19 Regulations

Legislative History

No History for selected provision