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Employment of Foreign Manpower Act
     (CHAPTER 91A)

Table of Contents

Long Title

1 Short title
2 Interpretation
2A Meaning of "personal identifier"
3 Appointment of Controller of Work Passes and employment inspectors
3A Controller and employment inspectors to be public servants
4 Exemption
5 Prohibition of employment of foreign employee without work pass
6 Presumption of employment
6A Prohibition of foreigner without work pass entering or remaining at work place
7 Application for work pass
8 Register of foreign employees to be kept by employer
9 Termination of employment of foreign employees
10 Self-employed foreigners to apply for work passes
11 Levy in respect of foreign employee or self-employed foreigner
12 Extent of validity of work pass
13 Custody of work pass, etc.
14 Loss, etc., of work pass
15 Burden of proof
16 Powers of employment inspector
17 Change of address
18 Service of notices
19 Protection from personal liability
20 Offence by body corporate
21 Power to arrest without warrant
21A Arrest how made
21B No unnecessary restraint
21C Search of persons arrested
21D Employment inspector to be armed
21E Power to seize offensive weapons
21F Power on escape to pursue and arrest
21G Disposal of documents or articles
22 Offences
23 Abetment
24 Complaint by employment inspector
25 (Repealed)
26 Jurisdiction of Courts
27 Composition of offences
28 Forms
29 Regulations
30 Transitional provisions

THE SCHEDULE Personal Identifiers

Legislative History

History for Provision '11 Levy in respect of foreign employee or self-employed foreigner'.
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Right Arrow
Formal Consolidation
01 March 1991
1991 RevEd

Formal Consolidation
20 December 1997
1997 RevEd

Informal Consolidation
11 June 2007
Act 30 of 2007

Formal Consolidation
31 July 2009
2009 RevEd

Informal Consolidation
09 November 2012
Act 24 of 2012