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Legal Profession (Solicitors’ Accounts) Rules
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Table of Contents

1 Citation
2 Definitions
3 Client accounts conveyancing accounts and conveyancing (CPF) accounts
4 Moneys to be paid into client account
5 Splitting of moneys
6 No money other than money under rules 3(1), 4 and 5(3) to be paid into client account
7 Moneys which may be drawn from client account
8 Money from client account — how drawn
9 Where solicitor under no obligation to pay client’s money into client account
10 Transfers between accounts
11 Cash books, ledgers, journals, etc.
11A Engagement of book-keeper
11B (Deleted)
12 Power of Council to require production of books of account, etc.
13 Intimation of costs incurred
14 Requirements of Council — how made
14A Notice given by Council to book-keepers
15 Saving
16 Power to waive provisions
17 Transitional and savings provisions for conveyancing money or anticipatory conveyancing money deposited into client account before 1st August 2011

Legislative History