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Films Act
     (CHAPTER 107)

Table of Contents

Long Title

1 Short title
2 Interpretation
3 Board of Film Censors and appointment of officers
4 Procedure of Board
5 Delegation of powers and duties by Board
6 Licence for carrying on business of importing, making, distributing or exhibiting films
7 Application for licence
8 Security
9 Licence fee
10 Period for which licence is in force
11 Revocation and suspension of licence
12 Films made in Singapore to be deposited in approved warehouse
13 Importation and removal of films from approved warehouse
14 Submission of films for censorship
15 Prohibition and approval of films for exhibition
16 Classification of films
17 Alterations and excisions of films by Board
18 Retention of prohibited films by Board
19 Duplicate film
20 Interdiction of films approved by Board
21 Penalty for possession, exhibition or distribution of uncensored films
22 Advertisement of films for exhibition prohibited unless approved by Board
23 Search for unauthorised films and arrest of persons
24 Appeals
25 Committee of Appeal
26 Powers of Committee of Appeal
27 Minister may order Committee of Appeal to inspect any film
28 Disposal of unclaimed films
29 Offences involving dealings in obscene films
30 Possession of obscene films
31 Advertising obscene films
32 Offences involving children and young persons
33 Making, distribution and exhibition of party political films
34 Search and seizure of unlawful films
35 Minister may prohibit possession or distribution of any film
36 Protection from personal liability
37 Protection of Board and Government from liability
38 Officers to be public servants
39 Court for trial of offence
40 Exemptions
41 Regulations

Legislative History