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FIRST SCHEDULE Constitution and Proceedings of Office

SECOND SCHEDULE Financial Provisions

THIRD SCHEDULE Offences under Written Law

Legislative History

Functions and duties of Office
—(1)  Subject to the provisions of this Act, it shall be the function and duty of the Office —
to administer the systems in Singapore for the protection of intellectual property;
to provide administrative support services to the Copyright Tribunals in the performance of their functions under the Copyright Act (Cap. 63);
to maintain and provide access by the public to documents and information relating to any intellectual property kept or maintained by the Office;
to promote public awareness and effective use of intellectual property rights;
to represent the Government internationally on matters related to intellectual property;
to advise and make recommendations to the Government on matters related to intellectual property;
to advise and make recommendations to the Government on the recognition, accreditation and conduct of persons acting as intellectual property agents or intellectual property advisers, and exercise any regulatory functions over them;
to promote or assist in the development of the profession of intellectual property agents and intellectual property advisers in Singapore;
to promote and facilitate the training of persons desiring to be intellectual property agents in Singapore;
to manage technical co-operation and exchange in the area of intellectual property with other persons and organisations, including foreign intellectual property offices and international inter-governmental organisations, on its own behalf or on behalf of the Government;
to provide advice, training and assistance in relation to intellectual property to any Government department or statutory board, or to authorities of other countries and territories which administer intellectual property laws; and
to exercise any other functions and duties conferred on the Office by or under this Act or any other written law.
(2)  The Office may undertake such other functions as the Minister may assign to the Office and in so doing, the Office shall be deemed to be fulfilling the purposes of this Act, and the provisions of this Act shall apply to the Office in respect of such functions.
(3)  Nothing in this section shall be construed as imposing on the Office, directly or indirectly, any form of duty or liability enforceable by proceedings before any court.
Powers of Office
—(1)  The Office shall have the power to do anything for the purpose of discharging its functions under this Act or any other written law, or which it may consider advantageous, necessary or convenient to the discharge of those functions and, in particular, may —
administer systems for the protection of patents, trade marks and designs;
prescribe, regulate or implement measures and standards on any matter related to or connected with intellectual property;
accredit or certify, and regulate any person as an intellectual property agent or intellectual property adviser;
levy such charges or fees as may be reasonable for services and facilities provided by the Office;
subscribe for or acquire any securities and shares of an incorporated company or other body corporate, procure its admission to membership of an incorporated company limited by guarantee and not having a share capital, promote the formation of an incorporated company or participate in the promotion of such company or acquire an undertaking or part of an undertaking;
form or participate in the formation of any company or in any joint venture as a shareholder or partner or in any other capacity, with any firm, body corporate, society or institution for the purposes of this Act or any other written law;
carry out such other works or activities as may appear to the Office to be requisite, advantageous or convenient, with a view to making the best use of any of the assets of the Office;
engage, in conjunction with other authorities, international agencies or organisations, in any study or co-operation project related to intellectual property or in the promotion of intellectual property;
enter into contracts for the supply of goods or materials or for the execution of works as may be necessary for the discharge of any of its duties and functions;
provide financial loans, advances, grants, aid or assistance to any person for all or any of the purposes of this Act;
use the services, records, facilities or personnel of any local, foreign or international agency, organisation or other body in the discharge by the Office of any of its duties and functions;
operate such agency services as the Office may think fit and employ such number of agents to do anything that the Office may do;
provide bursaries, scholarships and training grants in the fields of intellectual property;
receive donations, grants, gifts, subsidies and contributions from any source and raise funds by all lawful means;
make provision for gratuities, pensions, allowances or other benefits for employees or former employees of the Office;
grant or guarantee loans to officers or employees of the Office for any purpose specifically approved by the Office;
provide recreational facilities and promote recreational activities for, and activities conducive to, the welfare of officers and employees of the Office and members of their families; and
do such other acts as are incidental to any of its functions and powers.
(2)  This section shall not be construed as limiting any power of the Office conferred by or under any other written law.
Directions by Minister
—(1)  The Minister may give to the Office such directions, not inconsistent with the provisions of this Act, as he thinks fit as to the performance of its functions and the exercise of its powers, and the Office shall give effect to such directions.
(2)  The Office shall furnish the Minister with such information in respect of its property and activities in such manner and at such times as the Minister may require.
Appointment of committees and delegation of powers
—(1)  The Office may appoint from amongst its own members or other persons who are not members such number of committees as it thinks fit consisting of members or other persons, or members and other persons for purposes which, in the opinion of the Office, would be better regulated and managed by means of such committees.
(2)  The Office may, subject to such conditions or restrictions as it thinks fit, delegate to any such committee or to the Chairman or Chief Executive or to any other member, officer or employee of the Office, any of the functions or powers of the Office under this Act or any other written law, except the power of delegation conferred by this section.
(3)  No delegation under this section shall prevent the performance or exercise of any function or power by the Office.