Long Title

Enacting Formula

Amendment of section 34C
27.  Section 34C of the principal Act is amended by inserting, immediately after subsection (8), the following subsections:
(8A)  Where there is a transfer of a building or structure from any amalgamating company to the amalgamated company on the date of amalgamation for which an allowance has been made to the amalgamating company under section 18C, the annual allowances provided under that section shall continue to be available to the amalgamated company as if it had incurred the qualifying capital expenditure that was incurred in carrying out the approved construction or approved renovation, as the case may be, referred to in that section.
(8B)  Subsection (8A) shall not apply unless the building or structure is used before the transfer by the amalgamating company and after the transfer by the amalgamated company, in the production of income chargeable under the provisions of this Act.”.
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