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SSO Enhancements

In response to the feedback received during the PLUS public survey, we have been making enhancements to SSO to improve user experience and accessibility of legislation.

The following enhancements are now available on SSO:


SSO - PLUS Project Enhancements


21 August 2015 New print options page Previously, when selected legislation provisions were printed, the print document also included the Table of Contents of the legislation.

A new print options page has been added to the print function in SSO. With the new print options page, SSO users will have more options on what they want to print, and what they want to exclude. For example, users can select whether to print the legislation with/without the Table of Contents/Legislative History, only the provisions in a Part, etc.
21 August 2015 Scrollbar for the legislative timeline Previously, navigation of the legislative timeline on SSO was done using forward and back arrow buttons on a horizontal plane. This was unwieldy and time consuming for SSO users, especially in cases where the legislative timeline was long.

The arrow buttons have been replaced with a scrollbar for easier navigation and faster access to content.
21 August 2015 Relocation of the 'Whole Document' button to the top The 'Whole Document' button has been relocated to the top to improve its visibility and navigation of the legislation page.
1 July 2015 Access to historical versions of legislation and Bills tabled in Parliament SSO users can now access -
  1. the historical versions of legislation, including informal consolidation of legislation; and
  2. Bills tabled in Parliament (which include Explanatory Statements).
1 July 2015 Access to PDF versions of legislation and Bills SSO users are now able to access or download PDF versions of legislation (where available) and Bills tabled in Parliament.
5 March 2015 New logo for SSO The new logo comprises red and black bars to represent the red binders of Statutes and black binders of Subsidiary Legislation used in Singapore. The logo signifies the transition from the traditional hard copies of legislation to the online version.
5 December 2014 New 'FAQ' page A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page has been created to address common queries about SSO.
5 December 2014 Revamped 'Help' Guide The Help Guide has been simplified and includes more screenshots to better assist SSO users.